✔ Minimizes ACA compliance risk of “Pay or Play Tax”

✔ Generates required ACA reporting and documentation

✔ Alerts to compliance requirements

✔ Takes over where payroll reporting stops

✔ Manage an unlimited number of companies

✔ Use for your clients or resale

✔ Ongoing updates

Now is the time!

Complimentary to the ACA Decision Support Tool, the ACA Dashboard is proven to be a vital asset in aiding brokers, agents and advisors in assisting their clients.

As a broker, agent or benefits professional, you recognize the many regulations brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). With regulations now in affect like the Employer Shared Responsibility Tax — better known as the “Pay or Play Tax” — employers can expect to face a number of reporting and compliance requirements along with associated tax liabilities and penalties.

Aimed at minimizing employers’ ACA compliance risk, the ACA Dashboard is an integrated management tool designed to provide continually updated ACA reporting and documentation. As a broker, agent or benefits professional, you can use the tool one of two ways: by adding value to your company by managing the tool for your clients or by purchasing the tool and selling it individually to your clients.

How it works:

  • You outline your client’s strategy and set up Measurement, Administrative and Stability Periods for both ongoing and variable hour employees.
  • It tracks employees and utilizes this data to generate the necessary current ACA documentation required by law and exports these reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • It also generates annual IRS reports for Applicable Large Employers and can manage an unlimited number of companies in one location, all within ACA requirements.

Now is the time for planning and compliance. In-house solutions and typical payroll reporting cannot fully address the evolving complexity of the ACA. Demonstrate your expertise and commitment to service by providing your clients with the convenience of having ACA compliance documents at their fingertips.

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