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EEO-1 and ACA Demo Webinars

We offer a variety of webinars to help you manage the ever-changing healthcare reform and EEOC reporting and compliance requirements. From informative and compliance-related to demos of new products, our unique webinars are designed to keep you up to date with new laws, reporting regulations, and solutions. 

This Month's Webinars:

Initial Onboarding: 
EEO-1 Comply Clients 
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Initial Onboarding:
ACA Dashboard Clients
This webinar is an onboarding for clients who have purchased the Dashboard functionality within our ACA Solution.
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Staying on top of the latest legislation can be a challenge. Our team of experts provides educational opportunities on your site, at industry conferences and events and through our webinars.

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Partnership Solutions

Our Team of experts are able to customize solutions for your specific needs. We have developed all types of unique resources from simple calculators to very comprehensive solutions with complex analysis and customized reports. We also have compliance dashboards. Our Team is very innovative and enjoys the challenge of developing your unique solutions. Contact us and a team member will get in touch with you to start your project.