5 ACA topics that’ll have payroll providers talking at IPPA

The state of the act and its standards for compliance can be confusing, to say the least. Reporting under the ACA is still a new practice, and no matter how well you know your business, there are bound to be bumps along this newly paved road.

Here are some of the questions and topics we expect to hear and speak about at IPPA this week.

  • How to immunize an employer against penalties: If it sounds oversimplified to say you have to offer affordable Minimum Essential Coverage and minimum value coverage to all full-time employees, you’re right. The complexity of these three requirements, and how to ensure an employer is on track, will be big questions in need of fast answers.
  • 2016 changes to the ACA: There are updates that make employers more susceptible to penalties, and several new indicator codes have been added. IPPA will no doubt be talking about what’s new, what’s not, and how to meet the expectations we know about.
  • Which employees need to be covered: Full-time employees, of course, but what exactly is the definition of a full-time employee? What about hourly employees with varying hours? Seasonal employees? And does the coverage have to be extended to the employee’s family?
  • Employers’ big pain points with 1094-C and 1095-C: From common questions on when and how these forms must be completed to troubleshooting errors, payroll providers will be conferring on how best to aid clients and how technology can streamline the filing and compliance process.
  • Common ACA mistakes: Common questions and problem points, such as misfiling forms, leaving fields blank, and what businesses need to notify their employees about, will be shared and discussed.

I’ll cover many of these topics in more depth in a presentation on ACA changes and how to deal with them. If you’re at the show, join me at 11:30 Friday morning to get the straight answers on your clients’ responsibilities when it comes to the ACA. See you at the show!