CEU credit course for brokers: How to handle Letter 226-J

Has one of your clients received an Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalty? Are they confused? Worried? Concerned? Are they turning to you for answers?

If – or when – employers receive Letter 226-J, do you know how to help them respond? We hope so – for your clients’ sake.

The IRS has been sending penalty letters to applicable large employers (ALEs) that may be subject to employer shared responsibility payments (ESRPs) under the ACA for 2015 filings. These employers are now looking to you, a trusted advisor, to help them understand why they’re receiving these letters, how best to respond, and how they can avoid future penalties. Taking the wrong course of action in response to the letter could be detrimental to your clients’ businesses, costing them time and money.

Since it’s your responsibility to advise your clients on all benefits-related matters, it’s essential you’re as well-versed on the subject matter as possible.

SyncStream Solutions is here to help – with a continuing education (CE) course on everything a broker needs to know about these IRS penalty letters.

Leveraging our team’s deep understanding of the ACA, we’ve spent the past several months helping hundreds of brokers and employers across the country navigate the tricky waters surrounding Letter 226-J. A testament to our expertise and commitment to keeping up with the ACA’s changing regulations, we’ve been approved by individual state insurance departments and departments of financial services to offer this new course that will arm brokers with the knowledge needed to support clients in the ACA penalty process.

Our reoccurring online course will cover the following subjects:

  1. What Letter 226-J is and why the employer is receiving it
  2. How to decipher what stumps most employers about Letter 226-J, including where the IRS gets the information to compute the estimated ESRP
  3. What to do (and what not to do) if an employer receives a Letter 226-J
  4. How to refute the penalty so the IRS leaves the employer alone

Brokers will receive a certificate and CE credit upon completion of this course. But more importantly, you’ll be better prepared to assist your clients in the proper handling of Letter 226-J.

As benefits brokers, you have seen your roles shift since the inception of the ACA. Where once the primary focus of your job was to assist clients in determining the most appropriate benefits package, in recent years you’ve been thrust into more of an advisory role, helping clients navigate and stay up to date on a complex and constantly changing marketplace. SyncStream’s CE course will position you for success in this new role.

The IRS has already invested millions of dollars to investigate and identify employers who failed to comply with ACA regulations. The letters continue to be sent out, and the IRS is already gearing up to issue 2016 penalties. If you’re a benefits broker, you can’t afford to be ill-informed on the subject of ACA compliance. Sign up for SyncStream’s next CE class today.