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CMS Eliminates “Authorizing Official” for HPID

For a while now, sponsors of large self-insured plans have been struggling with the obligation to obtain a health plan identification number (HPID) by November 5th, 2014.

The good news for sponsors of large self-insured plans is that CMS has confirmed that they are streamlining the HPID process by eliminating the involvement of an “authorizing official.” This should dramatically reduce the time required to obtain an HPID for a self-insured plan.

The CMS statement says:

“We released a system enhancement to streamline the HPID application process. Now when you submit an application, you will notice that the authorizing official is no longer required to approve the HPID application. Your application will be automatically approved and your HPID number(s) will be generated.”

While CMS has not issued any FAQs to confirm this, they have revised their graphic and text descriptions of the HPID process.