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3 HR trends to watch at this year’s SHRM conference

In a few weeks, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) will hold its annual conference right in our backyard—New Orleans. From June 18 to 21, human resources professionals, experts, and vendors will gather in the Big Easy to discuss the state of the industry, including its challenges, its progress, and its future. The conference covers every corner of HR, and we’re excited to attend and join in the conversation this year.

In preparation, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest trends we expect to see at SHRM 2017—which could help chart the path of HR going forward.

1. HR technology is specializing

While the industry is branching out into increasingly different directions (payroll, benefits, people strategy, and compliance, to name a few), one thing binds them all together: A demand for technology that streamlines and automates HR processes.

In many cases this means investing in payroll technology that automates tracking of employee hours, hirings, firings, and more to replace manually filled Excel spreadsheets. In other cases, intelligent solutions can be used to manage some of the tougher aspects of HR, like complex reporting requirements

2. Partnerships fill gaps

With more specialized technology, it makes sense that many HR companies are forging partnerships to take advantage of pre-collected data points and information. A payroll company, for example, could plug its data into a solution designed to tackle some form of compliance, killing two birds with one data pool.

Cost is another driver for some benefits providers. When customers expect streamlined technological solutions to their HR problems, HR companies face a dilemma: Do they build the missing piece to their benefits, payroll, or compliance package? Or do they buy it?

In most cases, the answer has become buy. With regulations changing so frequently, and covering everything from health care to pay equality, buying has become the better option. It leaves you to handle your specialty—whether payroll distribution, training, or some other focus—while handing off the tricky, less frequent, ever-changing portions of regulation, compliance, or data collection to someone equipped to focus specially on that.

3. Coping with new—or stalled—regulations

Regulations and reporting requirements change all the time, and this year is no different. In fact, this year has probably seen more change—or at least more uncertainty—than the previous several years combined. The biggest talking point will almost surely be the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what might follow. Depending on the progress that Congress makes between now and then, there could be a lot of debate about the future of health care reporting.

New requirements include this year’s updated EEO-1 report, which will gather information on gender, ethnic, and racial inequality in the workplace in an eight-page document more than triple the length of last year’s version. While health care reform will earn the brunt of attention, news of smaller regulations such as this are sure to pop up throughout the conference.

See you at SHRM 2017!

HR is expanding to cover everything from training to compliance, relying more on specialized technology, and dealing with new regulations under an administration that keeps us guessing—and SHRM will be one place to showcase these trending topics. As always, SyncStream will be working to keep up with and ease these changes for both our partners and customers. If you’re at SHRM, come find us at booth 1556—we hope to see you there!




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