ACA Reporting

3 observations about the ACA from SHRM18

I just received a $3 million penalty from the IRS for noncompliance with the Affordable Care Act.”

That’s just one of many similar, eye-opening statements we heard last month at SHRM18, the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference.

While health benefits are just one facet of HR covered at SHRM, the reality of million dollar noncompliance penalties put health care in the spotlight and had lots of people talking.

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School’s out for summer – how does that affect teachers’ ACA status?

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rolled into town, a lot of things changed for employers, regardless of their industry. However, there are a few types of employers that are given special rules under the ACA. Educational organizations are one of them.

While employers just wrapped up the third year of ACA reporting, there are still challenges that educational organizations encounter when it comes to tracking employees and offers of health coverage.

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4 factors that make ACA reporting a nightmare for health care organizations

Regulatory compliance costs the health care industry upwards of $200 billion annually, according to a recent report from the American Hospital Association. With most health care compliance issues related to patient safety, privacy of patient information, and billing practices, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting may not be top of mind. 

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Why the hospitality industry struggles with ACA compliance

If you’re in charge of a hotel, restaurant, casino, spa, or other hospitality business, congratulations! You have even more challenges, and more to lose, when it comes to Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance.

ACA compliance can be a hair-pulling slog for applicable large employers (ALEs), a category many hospitality businesses fall under. If you’re part of this group, you already know you have to offer affordable, minimum-value coverage to full-time employees (those who work at least 30 hours per week).

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IRS Letter 227: Understanding the next phase of the ACA penalty process

Last November, the IRS began sending out Letter 226-J to applicable large employers (ALE) that were subject to employer shared responsibility penalties (ESRP) for their 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) filings. Letter 226-J does give employers the opportunity to refute the assessed penalty amount using Form 14764, and many are taking advantage of this opportunity.

This has been an ongoing and confusing process for employers, and now a new step in the penalty process has been added—IRS Letter 227, which is related to the employer’s initial response. Letter 227 is sent by the IRS to either close an employer’s penalty inquiry or provide next steps to the employer.

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How to ace your 2017 ACA reporting and prepare for the future

Yes, ACA reporting is still on for 2017.

If you were doubting that 12 months ago, or even six months ago, we can’t blame you. This time last year, health care reform efforts in Congress seemed poised to change how employers’ reporting and compliance requirements worked. President Trump signed a number of executive orders in the following months, attempting to dismantle various provisions of the ACA.

But, as far as employers are concerned, nothing is different this year, and the deadlines are approaching.

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