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EEO-1 penalties will hit you hard. Here’s how to avoid them.

While compliance isn’t fun, it’s definitely better than the alternative. No matter how little you enjoy the data collection, record keeping, and form filing required for compliance, you probably enjoy paying fines even less.

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Enhanced EEO-1 reporting requirements suspended

In September 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced enhanced EEO-1 reporting requirements.  These additional reporting rules required all employers subject to completing the EEO-1 form to report on employees’ W-2 wage data and hours worked. However, partly because of an outcry among businesses, these increased reporting requirements have been suspended. For the upcoming 2017 EEO-1 report deadline, employers do not need to report employee wage and hours worked data.

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The 411 on EEO-1: Your top 7 questions, answered

Even those well versed in regulation can get confused when it comes to new and changing requirements. Such is the case with the new EEO-1 report, which is different for the 2017 compliance season.

For those of you who are affected by this change, we’ve pulled together the answers to your top questions about the new report. 

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