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How payroll can help employers navigate Letter 226-J

The IRS is continuing to send Letter 226-J to employers for 2015 ACA reporting and employers are turning to trusted advisors for help. One of those advisors is often an employer’s payroll provider, especially since up-to-date payroll data is critical to ACA compliance.

But, with ACA penalties being issued, payroll providers are changing best practices to navigate the shifting requirements that come with Letter 226-J. So what does this mean for employers?

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226-J penalty letters are coming. Here’s why you might get one

The IRS continues to add to the 30,000 Letter 226-J penalty notices it has already sent to applicable large employers (ALEs) who failed to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate in the 2015 tax year. Now, the agency is also preparing to send out notices for 2016.

If you believe you’re in the clear because you didn’t receive a notice for 2015, let this serve as a warning: You’re not out of the woods yet.

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An employer’s guide to open enrollment: How to avoid ACA penalties

Despite vast efforts by the Trump administration, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains pretty much intact. And while the fate of the ACA could very well be decided at the midterm elections, employers must come to grips with the fact that, as of right now, there will be consequences for anyone who fails to comply with ACA regulations.

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