An easier way to ensure ACA compliance

“Affordable Care Act reporting and compliance” is not a fun phrase to hear. While the forms look easy, proper reporting remains a mystery to many, and a frustration for everyone else. This isn’t surprising, considering the process is only a year old, and last year the IRS granted leniency by allowing employers to simply make a "good faith effort."

This year, however, the game changes. If you’re one of the millions of companies that have to file a report by January 31, this time it counts. Get it wrong and you’ll be facing hefty fines.

ACA regulations involve a lot of complex nuances that make it exceedingly difficult, and in some places impossible, for companies to properly report compliance. Drawing payroll and benefits information from different silos can be hard enough, but even when you think you know the process, ACA’s shifting codes and sneaky questions could easily trip you up.

So today we’re introducing new versions of the SyncStream solutions to make it even easier to fulfill your ACA compliance responsibilities with accurate, auditable reporting.

How to hit the ACA deadline

Since last year, we’ve worked with 40 partners to understand the most difficult parts of the reporting process and build an intelligent system—the first of its kind—to help companies report accurately and with substantially reduced risk.

Our solutions put business logic behind ACA reporting, bringing an intelligence that prevents costly mistakes. From tracking employee hours and ACA full-time status determination to populating IRS indicator codes to generating forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C, and 1095-C, SyncStream’s new solutions assure accurate and timely filing and provide documentation of compliance.

Compliance is complicated, but you can take the pain out of reporting with the proper tools and education. Learn more about the new SyncStream solutions.