SyncStream on the cutting edge of Healthcare Technology- NPR

Baton Rouge and the Cutting Edge of Healthcare - May 4, 2017

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Navigating the ever changing and uncertain healthcare landscape can be a nightmare for providers and businesses alike. It’s also an opportunity for entrepreneurs, who have come up with ways to help others make sense of what’s going on out there. Incredibly, two of the leading tech health companies in the nation are right here in Baton Rouge.

Cindy Heine is President and Principal of SyncStream Solutions. It’s a Baton Rouge based company that was founded three years ago to help employers both navigate the complex regulations governing the Affordable Care Act and to electronically file the massive amounts of documentation required by the law. In that short amount of time, the company has grown from a staff of three employees to more than 40, with offices in Baton Rouge and Metairie. It has also created its own proprietary software that it private-labels to other companies around the country.  See more at: