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Why SyncStream?

SyncStream has been assisting employers to complete their ACA and EEOC compliance since 2013.  We provide employers industry leading software and subject matter expertise.  We have served over 10,000 employers in the Country and filed over 3.5 million forms with the government on behalf of employers.   Our software is intuitive, integrated, and produces auditable and accurate outputs that protects an employer from noncompliance.  We also provide world class customer service to help guide employers through the complex compliance landscape.  

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Benefits of SyncStream

SS Benefits

Partnering with SyncStream for your ACA reporting offers many advantages over doing it yourself, including:

Save Time Image 1    Save Time

Our software solutions manage your data, generate reports and do other essential tasks automatically. On-time reporting saves you valuable time on the job and avoids penalties with the IRS. 

Avoid Unwanted Filing Costs     Piggy Bank Image

There is no need to find a separate filing solution with SyncStream. Our software will directly e-file with the IRS for your convenience, helping your company avoid filing costs other companies impose.

Increase Efficiency Image    Increase Efficiency and Focused Work  

Instead of spending valuable business time doing ACA reporting, your employees can focus on other tasks. Our software solutions manage your reports, so your team can work elsewhere.

No Last Minute or Late Filings       Filing Image

The SyncStream reporting solutions will help you complete and file your reports well ahead of the deadlines. Your team can avoid the stress of short notice or late filing, and your company can avoid the hefty late fines.

Other benefits of choosing SyncStream include:
  • Full Service Support
  • State filings for New Jersey, Washington DC available
  • State filing for California coming soon! (starting in 2021)
  • Multi-year federal filings still available (2015 through 2020)
  • Built in audit functionality 
  • Print to mail services
  • Electronic filing directly to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

SyncStream Clears Your Filing Confusion

Companies need to follow the health insurance employer mandate to stay compliant. Simplify the process with the ACA compliance experts at SyncStream. We are here for our customers at every step of the process and are dedicated to helping you generate the reports you need to succeed. 

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What you don't know about your compliance solution can hurt you!

Many Affordable Care Act compliance solutions offered by our competitors are either light or lacking complex logic. They cannot handle the some of the more complex employer situations as well as the nuanced elements of the regulations. These situations include:

  • Controlled and Affliated Groups
  • Employees that work in multiple locations
  • Educational organizations and breaks in service such as summer break
  • Tracking FMLA breaks in service accurately
  • The 13 week rehire rules
  • Affordability Safe Harbor calculations
  • Population of the 1095-C and 1094-C forms

Why do our competitors offer ACA Light solutions?

There are several reasons that these "light" solutions exist:

  1. Many believed (and still incorrectly do in some instances) that the ACA was/is going away. And why wouldn’t they? You had dozens of major political figures, including a new President, vowing to get rid of it.
  2. Because of this belief, many vendors and employers chose not to invest too much time or resources in their compliance or solution.
  3. Often times this resulted in buying a solution that appeared to “get the job done” without really kicking the tires.
  4. Penalty letters are now forcing employers to take a deeper look at their filings and that is why these issues are being exposed.
  5. Remember, penalty letters are coming out 2 years after a filling is completed, and in some instances, even longer.
  6. We are finding that this is the first time many employers have really ever deeply evaluated their solution or their filing. Many are not liking what they are finding under the hood.

Are you a victim of "ACA Light"?

ACA Light

When you go with SyncStream you know you are getting a quality, and accurate solution that you can rely on! 

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