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The current state of health care reform: A webinar

With his executive order on the Affordable Care Act, Donald Trump signaled to the world that he’s serious about health care reform. The order also introduced a slew of new questions for employers, who are already struggling with ACA reporting and compliance amid the law’s uncertain future.

To address these questions and help employers navigate the shifting landscape, we’re hosting a webinar on Thursday, Feb. 2. We’ll cover the latest legislative events and how they stand to impact the future of health care reform.

Join us to discuss:

  • Trump’s executive order. What are the practical implications of the order and what does it mean for real change?
  • Potential ACA replacement plans. Senators Cassidy, Collins, and Paul have introduced replacement plans, as has Tom Price. We’ll break down the elements of their proposals and highlight the implications for employers.
  • What repeal and replace means to you. So far there haven’t been any amendments that would negate employers’ reporting requirements for 2016. We’ll review the measures businesses should take to remain compliant and adhere to upcoming deadlines.

Though much is still unknown and actual regulatory action will take time, change is coming. We’ll continue to be an active voice in the health care reform conversation to meet employers’ evolving needs.

Register for our webinar and tune in on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 2:30 p.m. EST.