Past Years' 1094/1095 Filing

The IRS has stated that penalties for noncompliance with the Employer Shared Responsibility Tax have no statute of limitations on when the IRS can impose them. This means that employers are never “safe” or “out of the woods” from receiving penalty letters, even from the very first reporting season, which happened in the spring of 2016.

Past years’ 1094-1095 C Electronic Filing

Can electronically file to the IRS all past years since 2016, through the AIRS system

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ACA Audit Solution is included in the Past Years’ Filing

1094/1095 c electronic filing

Our solution is able to populate all codes required for the forms and is able to e-file all years since the inception of the law

What is letter 5699?

Letter 5699, Is issued to inform an Applicable Large Employers (ALE) for the Missing Information on Return Form 1094/1095-C for not being compliant with the ACA Reporting under section 6056 . The IRS is using this letter to make initial contact with an organization that the IRS believes may have been an Applicable Large Employers (ALE), and therefore required to file information returns under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). IRS identifies the noncompliant ALEs based on their W-2 forms reported for the calendar year.

Data Upload

The rules of robust system and I-sync allow their data to be properly vetted and the possibility to mitigate their penalties.

1095 reporting deadline
1095-c employee required contribution

Filing with SyncStream

Not all past years are calculated the same with the IRS. Each year there are calculations for that specific year that are related to affordability.

"With the wonderful experience J&S Mechanical and I had with you and your team supporting their past filing, I wanted to reach out to you on another client of mine that needs help with this year’s (2020) filing. "

Jessica McGee | AJG Client Manager

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