Professional Employer Organization

Partnerships have always been an important part of growing our business at SyncStream. Since our first year, we have pushed to create lasting partnerships through different channels and we’re happy to say that many of those partnerships are still with us to this day.

Professional Employer Organization

When considering the pros and cons of PEOs, many companies hesitate to make the investment because ACA requirements change often. To ensure ongoing compliance, employers want experts to help them fulfill their responsibilities. Working with SyncStream gives your PEO access to our team, expertise, and technology for complete peace of mind.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), many entities classified as applicable large employers (ALEs) use a third party — such as a PEO — to handle part of their payroll and tax responsibilities. We see our work as a partnership, so you can provide the most valuable solutions for employers looking to outsource obligations.

When you add ACA reporting to your PEO's services, you enjoy the benefits of delegating your clients' operations to an outside entity.

Relationship Benefits

account representative

Dedicated Account Representative

You will be assigned a dedicated account representative. The account representative will provide weekly/monthly touch points, detail training and co-branded webinars.

aca reporting solutions

Compliance Knowledge

SyncStream's team of certified compliance experts provide your employers with periodic compliance reviews, a dedicated account representative, and comprehensive coverage for those employers onboarding/offboarding your PEO.

Revenue resource

Revenue Resource

Generate additional revenue with new or existing customer base. Increase retention with current clients.

aca audit

Ease of Use for PEO

Direct access to clients’ information, analytics, and reports, at your fingertips through the Admin Dashboard.


Solution Benefits

Tracking & Reporting

SyncStream's tracking and reporting solutions help keep your clients compliant and monitor their current obligations as an employer.

ACA Audit

SyncStream offers front-line support for legal defense. Intelligent import uses proprietary business logic that flags IRS filing for potential penalty risk. It includes estimating 4980H(a) and 4980H(b) penalty calculations and provides PDF/excel data upload capabilities.

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Our innovative ACA and EEOC reporting, and compliance solutions help you deliver best-in-class service to your clients. Leverage integrated technology and customized solutions for ACA and EEO-1 mandated reporting to help your clients ensure compliance with all IRS and EEOC regulations.