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    Introducing a new ACA and EEOC Solution
    for SwipeClock Clients


Partnering with SyncStream

Our ACA and EEO-1 reporting and compliance solutions are easy to use and help keep SwipeClock clients up-to-date on the latest government regulations. Our solutions adjust each year based on new requirements to ensure compliance.

With the new SwipeClock program you have the most scalable solutions for your business. Contact us today to benefit from the SwipeClock and SyncStream partnership program, and get started on ACA and EEO-1 reporting and compliance today! 

Review all of our solutions to keep you compliant with the ACA and EEOC, then complete the form to the right and we will be in touch shortly with a customized solution at the right size and price for your business. 

eeo1 reporting EEO-1 Comply

Stay ahead of the latest EEOC reporting requirements with EEO-1 Comply. Our easy-to-use tool helps you stay compliant, never miss a deadline, and avoid penalties. 

aca dash 400w ACA Dashboard

ACA reporting for employers is complicated, and there is a costly compliance risk if you fail to report or don't report accurately. 

aca reporting 400w ACA Reporting Essentials

Already have employee tracking or don't need to track? Our cloud-based ACA Reporting Essentials aggregates employer plan information, populates IRS-required reporting, and E-files directly with the IRS. 

aca reporting 400w ACA E-file Complete

Need help E-filing your ACA documentation? If you already have ACA tracking and reporting, ACA E-file Complete is an easy way to file reporting on time and stay compliant with IRS regulations.

Monitor ACA e1475600294670 ACA Audit 

The IRS is now enforcing ACA compliance, and the fines are substantial. ACA Audit analyzes your filing data, identifies potential liabilities, calculates potential fines, and helps prepare a response for IRS penalty letter 226J.

aca reporting 400wBenefits Analysis Toolkit

Looking for ways to grow your business, excel as an advisor, and add value to your relationships with employers? Benefits decisions are often complicated and have significant organizational and financial impacts. The Benefits Analysis Toolkit produces a detailed and comprehensive analysis employers can rely upon.

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