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Audit Solution

At SyncStream, we have developed an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to help companies avoid ACA reporting penalties. ACA Audit analyzes your filing data, identifies potential liabilities, calculates potential fines, remove before you file. Our solutions help prepare a response for IRS penalty letter 226J. Get your ACA compliance under control with ACA Audit.

SyncStream ACA Audit Defense provides you with expert legal advice to reply to the IRS in the event of a penalty letter. You will not have to address the IRS alone.

Audit Solution

The IRS is auditing employers for ACA compliance and the fines are substantial. Companies can be at risk for reasons such as not providing 1095-C forms to employees as required, not filing with the IRS, not offering health care coverage that meets the affordability standard, or not providing health care coverage that meets minimum essential coverage requirements. The IRS says that there is no statute of limitations for penalties on previous years' filings.

Past years’ 1094-1095 C Electronic Filing

Determines both clerical errors in the IRS forms and potential penalties.

aca dashboard and reporting essentials

Automatically included with Dashboard, Reporting Essentials and E-File Complete.

automatic built in logic

This tool may also be utilized as an independent tool for Employers, TPA’s, CPA’s, Brokers, Compliance teams, etc.

The ACA Audit tool

Is included when an ACA subscription license is purchased, or it can be purchased as a stand-alone solution.

Clients Utilizing SyncStream as Their Filing Solution

This tool allows clients to pre-determine any potential errors or penalties within their filings before they submit to the IRS. Giving all clients peace of mind as they submit their files to the IRS resulting in 99% acceptance with the IRS.

aca audit
aca filing

Clients Who Have Filed Independently of SyncStream

This tool allows clients to audit individual forms or their entire ACA filing to determine what errors or potential penalties could be pinged by the IRS. It then provides up to date, predetermined responses to provide in response to any ACA penalty letter.

“SyncStream and my point of contact have been extremely helpful in aiding and tracking the information needed for proper reporting of the 1095, 1094 and annual insurance enrollment tracking. They have been readily available when seeking advice on how to respond to letters coming from the IRS. I would recommend SyncStream and their services to anyone seeking help or information on improving their insurance and payroll tracking.”

Erica Martin-Spangler ,Sunnyway Foods, Inc.

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