News: SyncStream Announces Integrated Work Opportunity Tax Credit Service

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Providing software that simplifies and guides you through complex compliance obligations.

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aca tracking and reporting

ACA Tracking and Reporting

Companies that meet the requirements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must generate an ACA annual report to prove their compliance….

aca audit

ACA Audit

At SyncStream, we have developed an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to help companies avoid ACA reporting penalties…

aca requirements


Partnerships have always been an important part of growing our business at SyncStream. Since our first year, we have pushed to create…

Why SyncStream?

Founded in 2013, SyncStream was one of the first companies to begin tackling the complex landscape of healthcare and employment reporting and compliance.

To help companies with this issue, Arthur Tacchino, JD designed ACA compliance and reporting solutions to allow employers, their trusted advisors, and consultants to meet compliance requirements through a guided workflow that marries employer data with ACA analytics to achieve ACA compliance and provide the assurance of auditability. In collaboration with Associated Benefits Consulting, Inc. out of Louisiana, SyncStream was the first to market a technology solution for ACA Compliance.

Much like the ACA, we have evolved and changed since 2013. We are the forerunners in ACA reporting and compliance and the subject matter experts on ACA topics, by providing software as a service that simplifies and guides employers through complex compliance obligations. Not only are we here to make the ACA reporting simpler but we are here to educate and provide knowledge on topics related to the ACA.

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What sets SyncStream apart?

aca compliance reporting

Legal Expertise and Certified ACA Compliance Expert

Staffed by Professional Certified ACA Compliance Expert to help you address any of your ACA questions and concerns.

automatic built in logic

Automatic Built in Logic

Our solution logic is built with ACA rules and regulations. This logic is updated to represent the ever changing ACA compliance laws.

data integration

Data Integration

Our system technology works with all platforms to include; payroll, benefit, TPA’s, CPA’s, brokers, PEO’s.

Past years’ 1094-1095 C Electronic Filing

Past Year Filings

Our solution can E-File all past year filings since the inception of the ACA in 2015.


User Friendly Solution

Our Solutions allow you to meet compliance requirements through a guided workflow that marries employer data with ACA analytics to achieve ACA compliance.

educational resources


Our team of experts are here to guide you with our informative blogs, online webinars, white papers, and other educational resources.

SyncStream is now an OnCentive Company!

“We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of SyncStream Solutions and welcome their clients, partners, and employees to OnCentive. Adding SyncStream’s comprehensive ACA compliance tool into OnCentive’s expanding portfolio allows us to further increase clients’ profitability by increasing their government compliance and mitigating their financial risk.”

Shannon Scott, CEO of OnCentive


OnCentive is a consulting firm that helps businesses maximize government incentives and tax credits to increase their profitability. Leveraging their leaderships’ 100 years of combined credit expertise and their state-of-the-art custom technology, OnCentive captured $1.5 billion in government incentives for clients, with $0 returned to the IRS. OnCentive’s team of credit experts helps businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to qualify and capture millions in Employee Retention Credits, as well as other federal and state incentive credits like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Research and Development Tax Credit, Disaster Employee Retention Credit, and many others.

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"We were looking for a technology solution to be the foundation of our ACA compliance strategy. We needed a partner to handle the most difficult parts of the process, adapt based on the evolving regulations, and fit the needs of our business. We found that surviving ACA compliance (and avoiding penalties!) is made easier with the help of SyncStream.“

Lisa Gibson | Core Benefits Inc.

















SyncStream’s Chief Legal Counsel, Stacy Barrow

Stacy Barrow is a partner at Marathas Barrow Weatherhead Lent LLP, a boutique employee benefits, executive compensation and employment law firm located in Boston. Stacy has been licensed to practice law for 19 years and has been practicing law in private practice for 14 years.

He uses a practical, business-focused approach to counsel his clients on complex employee benefits and executive compensation matters. Stacy has extensive technical knowledge and experience designing and implementing health and welfare plans that meet the numerous and intricate requirements of state and federal law. He has assisted hundreds of companies in responding to IRS penalty letters

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Service, Powered by OnCentive

SyncStream launches integrated Work Opportunity Tax Credit service

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