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    Midterm election results are in, and the cloud of uncertainty is gone.

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Simplified ACA Reporting and EEOC Compliance Solutions

The IRS and EEOC have strict reporting requirements for employers that change each year. We simplify the most complex ACA reporting and EEO-1 compliance and our solutions adjust every year to reflect any changes.

Our cloud-based ACA solutions are designed to aggregate employer tracking, plan and coverage information, populate the IRS ACA reports, and prepare for e-filing to the IRS. LEARN MORE 

Our EEO-1 Comply has a survey management tool to gather employee-reported data, and then compiles with wage information to populate the EEO-1 report. LEARN MORE

Don’t get stuck with fines and penalties – get started today! 

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Where employers miss the mark on employee health plans

If you’re an employer that’s never offered health care to your employees before, the idea of doing so might feel a bit daunting. However, there’s no reason to let this fear get the best of you.

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Democrats seize control of the House: What this means for the ACA

As many polls forecasted leading up to the midterm elections, the Democratic Party took back the House of Representatives and is now holding a majority with at least 220 seats. While Democrats failed to secure the Senate, the party did manage to maintain at least 44 seats, leaving them a strong minority.

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226-J penalty letters are coming. Here’s why you might get one

The IRS continues to add to the 30,000 Letter 226-J penalty notices it has already sent to applicable large employers (ALEs) who failed to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer mandate in the 2015 tax year. Now, the agency is also preparing to send out notices for 2016.

If you believe you’re in the clear because you didn’t receive a notice for 2015, let this serve as a warning: You’re not out of the woods yet.

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An employer’s guide to open enrollment: How to avoid ACA penalties

Despite vast efforts by the Trump administration, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains pretty much intact. And while the fate of the ACA could very well be decided at the midterm elections, employers must come to grips with the fact that, as of right now, there will be consequences for anyone who fails to comply with ACA regulations.

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