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ACA Dashboard 1       ACA E File Complete 1      ACA Audit 1       EEO 1 Comply       Reporting Essentials 1   

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ACA Step Guide Image   Ongoing Tracking Image   Establishing MAS Image   1095 C Indicator Code Matrix Image                   ACA Chart                                          ACA Ongoing Tracking PDF      Establishing Tracking Periods           Indicator Code Matrix

EEO-1 Resources                     

EEO step by step image      EEO Checklist image         EEO Q and A for returning filers image       EEO Key Terms Image 

          Job Category Image           EEO race and ethnicity defs image          EEO Questions for MECs Image

EEO Component 2 File Upload Specs         EEO Component 2 Checklist         EEO 1 Component 2 Resource Guide Image

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