Electronic filing with IRS
    March 31st
  • 2021 DEADLINE
    1095 forms delivered to employees extended to March 2
    (was Jan. 31st)

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    ACA Dashboard 1     ACA E File Complete 1      Reporting Essentials 1     ACA Audit 1     EEO 1 Comply

                ACA Dashboard                      ACA E-file Complete               ACA Reporting Essentials                    ACA Audit                                EEO-1 Comply     

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        Full-Service Support

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    SyncStream Strengths    ACA Light    SyncStream Vendor Checklist Collateral 2020    2021 SyncStream Checklist

       SyncStream Strengths                          ACA Light                             Vendor Checklist              2021 Compliance Deadlines

    ACA Resources                                                                                                  

    ACA Step Guide Image    Ongoing Tracking Image    Establishing MAS Image    1095 C Indicator Code Matrix Image                 

                      ACA Chart                                   ACA Ongoing Tracking PDF               Establishing Tracking Periods                 Indicator Code Matrix

    EEO-1 Resources                                                                           

     EEO Checklist image   EEO Q and A for returning filers image   EEO Key Terms Image   Job Category Image

               EEO-1 Checklist                                EEO-1 Q and A                        EEO-1 Key Terms                       EEO-1 Descriptions 

     EEO race and ethnicity defs image   EEO Questions for MECs Image 

    Additional EEO-1 Descriptions       EEO-1 Q and A for MEC’s

    Additional EEO-1 Resources              

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    SyncStream Service Agreement

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