Partnerships have always been an important part of growing our business at SyncStream. Since our first year, we have pushed to create lasting partnerships through different channels and we’re happy to say that many of those partnerships are still with us to this day.


Since 2015, SyncStream has been dedicated to forging a relationship with the broker community. We understand as trusted advisors that it is important to find and offer the best service to your clients. We feel that, no matter the size of your brokerage firm, SyncStream can help you find the right solution for your client. We have a dedicated team that focuses on the broker relationship and what best suits your clients' needs. We take the burden off you and your client by offering front line support, knowledge, and a user-friendly solution.

Relationship Benefits

Aca audit related educational benefits with Sync Stream


Provides timely news updates, regularly published webinars, and other educational resources such as marketing materials and blogs.

Referral Or Reseller Partnership benefits

Referral Fees

As a broker you will receive an agreed upon referral fee and/or discount toward a solution.

aca compliance for employers

Outsource your Compliance

By outsourcing your clients compliance with SyncStream you have a team of knowledgeable compliance experts. Periodic compliance reviews with your dedicated account representative.

account representative

Dedicated Account Representative

Your client will work with a dedicated account representative that will walk them through their entire ACA process. Their representative will also provide monthly touch points and detailed training.



North Risk Partners
Marsh & Mclennan

Solution Benefits

Robust Solution

The solutions are easy to integrate, user-friendly, and have the complex laws built into the logic.

ACA Audit and EEO-1

The ACA Audit and EEO Solutions are free of charge with the purchase of any ACA solution.

Quotation mark

Our innovative ACA and EEOC reporting, and compliance solutions help you deliver best-in-class service to your clients. Leverage integrated technology and customized solutions for ACA and EEO-1 mandated reporting to help your clients ensure compliance with all IRS and EEOC regulations.